The following terms and conditions govern all entities that place advertising (“Advertiser”), either directly or through an agent (“Agency”), in print magazines (“Magazines”), websites and mobile sites (collectively,“Websites”), email campaigns (“Email(s)”), digital magazine publications (“Digital Editions”), Digital Editions and any other applications (collectively,“Apps”), and any other services
(collectively, together with Magazines, Digital Editions, Websites, Emails, and Apps, the “Service”) published and/or owned, licensed or operated by or on behalf of Maelle Kids  (“Magazine”).
The placement of advertising on any Service constitutes Advertiser’s (and, if applicable, Agency’s) agreement to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be modified from time
to time by Maelle Kids; additional placement of advertising will constitute Advertiser’s (and, if applicable, Agency’s) agreement to any such modifications. Maelle Kids reserves the right at its absolute discretion, and at any time, to cancel any advertising order or reject any advertising copy in connection with any Service, whether or not the same has already been acknowledged and/or previously published, displayed, performed or transmitted (collectively referred to herein as“Published”or“Publish”), including, but not limited to, for reasons relating to the content of the advertisement or any technology associated with the advertisement. In the event of such cancellation or rejection by Maelle Kids, advertising already run and to be run shall be paid for at the rate that would apply if the entire order were Published and no short rate will apply. In addition, Maelle Kids Magazine reserves the right to (i) remove from selected copies, editions, versions, or sections of a Service advertisement containing matter that readers have deemed objectionable; and (ii) implement blocking technology (including geo-blocking technology) in connection
with a Service.

Maelle Kids at its absolute discretion may terminate its relationship with Advertiser and/or Agency for the breach of any of the terms hereof, including without limitation a breach based on the failure on the part of either Advertiser or Agency to pay each bill by its due date. Should Maelle Kids terminate its relationship with Advertiser and/or Agency, a short-rate may apply and all charges incurred together with short-rate charges shall be immediately due and payable. Furthermore, in the event Advertiser or Agency breaches, Maelle Kids Magazine may, in addition to its other remedies, (a) cancel its recognition of Agency, thereby causing Agency to lose claim to any commission for any further advertising placed with Maelle Kids on behalf of Advertiser or any other client of Agency, and/or (b) refuse to Publish any or all of Advertiser’s advertising. Advertisements that simulate or resemble editorial content must be clearly identified and labeled “ADVERTISEMENT” or“SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION” at the top of the advertisement, and Maelle Kids may, in its discretion, so label such copy. The foregoing terms and conditions (and the
Additional Terms set forth below) shall govern the relationship between Maelle Kids and Advertiser and/or Agency.