Brianna Boudot -Canadian Teen Supermodel

Brianna Boudot is a canadian supermodel, actress and dancer of Caribbean descent. She grace Maelle Kids Magazine Issue #11 cover. She shows off her African print dress and represent her heritage. Futhermore, She talks about School, growing up in Canada, modeling, give tips for aspiring models and more.

Brianna Boudot

A passionate, energetic, outgoing, aspiring actor/model who desires to break into the industry. Offers a commitment to professionalism, hard work, and a dedicated believer who is an achiever that does well on anything she sets her mind to. Competitive dancer in the following genres: Acro, ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, hip-hop and lyrical. In addition, skills in playing the piano – level RCM 2. Also possess athletic ability that includes skills in cross-country running, volleyball, soccer and basketball

Hello, Brianna what’s new? Hello, just keeping busy with school, dance, and my modeling.
What would you like to learn next? Two things, first more about the industry as I love being in front the camera and physiology and anatomy. I want to be a doctor.
Who is your favorite model now? Winnie Harlow for many reasons. She is born in Canada like me with a Caribbean background. She has vitiligo just like one of my uncles and she represents true beauty showing that beauty is more than skin-deep.
Do you miss doing photoshoots regularly?Yes I do, I love being in front the camera and meeting new people.
What tips do you have for someone that would like to become a model? I would say; just be true to yourself, be fierce, be proud, stand out and have fun along the way.
How many fashion shows have you done?I have done seasons for the TKFW (Toronto Kids Fashion Week). I missed out on NYFW last season due to covid lockdowns.
Which fashion designer would you like to walk for? I would like to walk the runway for @kylegervacy if the opportunity ever arose. I love his unique design of Afrocentric, Asian-Creole inspired clothing.
When you are not glammed up, what clothes do you like?
My style of clothes changes every day depending on my mood, what I pull from my clothes or the weather, lol. I wear a combination of oversized t-shirts/sweats and baggy jeans; to preppy style clothing skirts with sweaters and collars to athletic wear and my favourite pair of Nike.
What are your favorite apps now? That’s easy, I live off of Tik Tok and Instagram.
Who is your current role model? My MOM. She works so hard to make my brother and me happy and helps everyone she can. She always supports and motivates me to do my best. When I grow up, I want to be a better version of her.
What is your favorite subject in school? I would have to say GYM, I’m a natural athlete, I love being active. But I’m not going to lie, Math is up there as well, if not tied.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I’ll be 18, so teaching dance, walking runways, and modeling/acting all while I attend university with my goal of becoming a doctorm My true passion is caring for others.
What is your dream photoshoot? An outdoor photoshoot in Africa in the wild, like on a safari or beautiful scenery with mountains and a waterfall by @thebutterflyphotography.
What project do you have coming up? I was fortunate to be recalled by Justice for their Spring collection shooting in March. In addition, I’ll be doing an editorial shoot wearing two beautiful garments by Lulu et Gigi Couture with hopes of publication And NYFW Sept. 2022 where I get to wear a beautiful custom design by Mila Hoffman.
How can we find you on social media? My insta @briboudot
Any closing words? Be kind always, “take pride in how far you’ve come, and have faith in how far yo

Model: @briboudot
Photo: @vntgcreativephotography
MUA & Hair: @sweet_nessyy
Fashion: Carol Telesford
Via @officialkavyar

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