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My name is Charlene Goddard and I am the author of two books titled, “Magnificent Macie!” and “Magnificent Macie on the Move”. This book series is illustrated by my twin sister, Britney Goddard. Our goal is to bring more diversity into literature and the media. This series is about a little girl named Macie who discovers that she is a superhero on a journey to save the world.

This article appears in Maelle Kids Magazine Issue #9

Every mirror she glances into is a portal to a different part of the world. In order to complete each mission, she has to perform an act of kindness. It is also based on real world issues such as the poverty rate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), crime rate in St. Louis, Missouri, civil rights leaders from Mississippi, and racism around the world.

We aim to encourage children to embrace their inner hero and to be a hero to someone in need. We want every child to realize that they are magnificent in their own way!

Charlene Goddard -Children's Book Author

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