Welcome to Maelle Kids FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. Here some tips and help topics. If you need more help click here to contact us.


  • Who can signup for Maelle Kids Magazine? Kids, parents, legal guardians and teachers.
  • How does registration and approval process work? Sign up and you can upload your photos. Everyone under 13 must provide their parent’s email. We will email their parents for consent to approve their account. Once we approve your account you will have full access to the site. If the child parents don’t reply in 5 days, we will delete the child’s application. 
  • Why was I denied? We try to keep our community safe and your profile doesn’t fit our website.
  • Can people without kids join and that don’t work with kids join? No.
  • Can I resubmit my application? Yes, click here.


  • How do I make my child profile friends only or private? 
  1. Tap Settings on your profile
  2. Click Privacy Settings
  • Is this site safe? Yes, we use technology to protect our member’s data.
  • If I post my photos, will I still own my Intellectual property (IP)? Yes.
  • Is this really free? Yes, and it will always be free, Feel free to buy a magazine to help with the development click here or share the site.
  • Will you sell my information to advertisers? No, We will never do that?
  • Will I get a virus from this site? No, this site is safe and secure. Before you login look for an https:// and closed padlock. Learn more about how we keep your data secure click here.
  • Does this site contain advertisement like Google Adsense? No.
  • Does this site use Google Analytics? Yes. 


  • Can I become rich and famous being a model? We cannot say
  • Are Maelle Kids a Model/Talent Agency? Maelle Kids Magazine is not an agency. This is a resource for models to get more exposure!
  • Does it cost money to submit or join Maelle Kids Magazine? No, Maelle kids is a community magazine and we don’t charge.
  • Are Maelle Kids for black kids only? No, Maelle Kids Magazine is for all kids. 


  • How do I resize images for my profile? We recommend Jpg Mini Web.


How do I reset my password? Click here to reset your password.
How come I keep getting logged out? TO stay login click “Remember me” on the login form.