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Nevaeh Qune graces 9th issue of Maelle Kids Magazine. She is a talented runway and fashion model. When she is not modeling, she creates original content. Furthermore, She is a viral TikTok influencer and content creator. 

Nevaeh Qune

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Nevaeh Qune


Where are you from originally? Piscataway, New Jersey.
Do you have any siblings model? No.
At what age did you start modeling? 7years old.
Did your parents model? Yes, My Mom.
What motivated you to become a model? My mom and taking a modeling class in summer camp.
Does anyone inspire you? Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell & Naima Mora Winner of Next Top Model Season 4 who I had the pleasure of working with and walking NYFW 2021 for her.


Why is your cover essential? Being on the magazine cover of your magazine helps me go viral and more noticeable and lets the readers know what information is inside to interest young people.
How do you feel about racism in the fashion industry? Racism is very much a part fashion industry.
In the Modeling world for blacks, you are either not light enough or not dark enough. That’s why I want to become an International Supermodel.
What do you like most about modeling? Walking the runway and commercial print modeling.
What tips do you have for someone that would like to become a model? Stay


How tall are you? 5’5”.
Do you like walking the runway? I love the runway, one of my most favorite parts of modeling. The excitement of being on the runway showing off all the beautiful clothes of designers is everything.
How many fashion shows have you done? 23 shows.
Which fashion designer would you like to walk for? Versace
When you are not glammed up, what clothes do you wear? I love leggings, jeans, and T-shirts.


What is something you cannot live without? Phone and my TV.
What is your favorite app? Roblox.
Who is your role model? Tyra Banks.


What is your favorite subject in school? Social Studies I love arguing about history.
What would you like to learn next? Gymnastics.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Becoming an International Super Model.
What is your dream photoshoot? With the famous Nigel Barker @nigelbarker.
What project do you have coming up? Toronto Kids Fashion Week, NYFW, Brand Photoshoots.
How can we find you on social media? Facebook Nevaeh Bennett, IG: nevaeh_qune.
What do you think about Maelle Kids? I think Maelle Kids is not just a beautiful magazine but great support for kids to advance themselves and build confidence in who they are, and pursue their goals.
Any closing words? I am going to continue to pursue my goals and be the best that I can be. I hope one day to become a Supermodel and see the world.

Racism is very much a part fashion industry.
In the Modeling world for blacks, you are either not light enough or not dark enough

Nevaeh Qune

Photographer: Manny Zoom @mannyzoom
Design by @renaldocreative
Fashion Designer: Cynthia Matos @dlorakids

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