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Rai is a child model that enjoys reading and writing, Her and her mom shares their favorite black authors and books. Representation matters and black kids want to see a protagonist that looks like them.

Rai of Sunshine

“My mom and I are also developing A Rai Of Awe™: An awe-inspiring multimedia and streaming company”

Here are the lists of the books: For my yearly children’s literacy club Sunshine Book Pals™. We launched our children’s book club in October 2018. The program consists of six children, twelve Black authors and twelve sponsors from Georgia, Tennessee, New York, North Carolina, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, and Maryland. We are still seeking three more sponsors to purchase 5 books each for our book pals.

This Fall, A Rai Of Books will host our first event for five 3–6-year-old girls based on the book “I Am Queen Ruby” by Voncille Y. Chaney. My organization, A Rai Of Books, also created our Free Book Exchange Box for our community in Saint Albans, Queens, New York to make an array of children’s books more accessible to all families.

Next month, we are launching our online intercultural exchange program: “Flutter Overseas Intercultural Exchange Program” for children with albinism in the U.S and Africa. We partnered with Mpho Tjope, Founder of the South African NGO ‘Albinism Advocacy For Access’ and Author of “Life with Albinism Filled With Pearls”. We will connect children with albinism in the U.S and Africa through video chats and fun online games while nurturing awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of African Americans and Africans with albinism. (The program will include kids and teens with and without albinism).

This summer I opened “Raigan’s Vintage Boutique” pop up shop in Queens, NY. I love being a kidprenuer, I opened “Raigan’s Lemonade Stand” in 2017 when I was three years old which was a great success — We used a portion of the profits to purchase and donated cleaning supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

In Winter 2019/2020, I am publishing my two books entitled “Animals Around the World (Multilingual Edition) (Translated in Patois, Xhosa, Twi, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese)” and “Raigan the Teacher Spy” through my children’s book publishing company, A Rai Of Books Publishing™.ls.

Make sure you check out my upcoming videos and interviews on my YouTube Channel “Raigan and Me” where I will play games, try out the latest kid toys, and interview cool kids! “Me” stands for the kids who will join me in my videos. To everyone reading, always remember: “You are brave! You are courageous! You are strong!”

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